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coComment Enhancer


This plugin for WordPress integrates the Javascript code needed to integrate your blog with coComment for all your visitors.

By integrating this code into the comment form, the user doesn’t have to remember to click the bookmarklet or have some Gresemonkey script installed to register his comment for tracking on coComment.

The Javascript to initialize and start the coComment integration is based on the snippets published on coComment’s Teamblog .

Feature list:

  • integrates cocomment Javascript into comment form
  • option to show/hide a switch to toggle coComment tracking to on/off
  • option to select an image for the toggle switch
  • localization for en, de_DE and fr
  • new in 1.2b: supports new ‚track all‘ option of coComment
  • new in 1.2b: control ‚track all‘ option by post
  • new in 1.2.1b: don’t set cocomment_force if using ‚track all‘
  • bug fixed in 1.2.2b: setting for toggle disabled is saved correctly
  • bug fixed in 1.2.3b: meta data per post is saved only once (before it was added with each save for a post)
  • bug fixed in 1.2.3b: instead of option siteurl, the blogURL variable is set to option home
  • new in 1.2.3b: all strings translated to german and french

The plugin has been tested with WordPress 1.5.x. and 2.x.


current beta version 1.2.3: coComment Enhancer 1.2.3b WordPress plugin
current stable version 1.0: coComment Enhancer 1.0 WordPress plugin

Change Log

    / v1.2.3b
  • variable blogURL for cocomment is now set from get_option(‚home‘) instead of get_option(’siteurl‘) (thanks Steph)
  • fixed a bug on setting the post_meta_data for tracking an account: before it saved a new instance of the post variable each time the post was saved
  • added all missing translations for german and french (thanks again Steph)
  • to do: SQL script to delete all entries in post_meta_data that had been produced in excess from the above mentioned bug
    / v1.2b
  • support for coComment’s new ‚track all‘ feature, which sends comments of non-coComment user to coComment as well
  • new gerneral option to enable or disable ‚track all‘ feature (this is implemented as an alternative to the plugin’s own toggle option, as the two are incompatible)
  • if the general option of the ‚track all‘ feature is enabled you can choose if new post are ‚track all‘-enabled by default or not. The setting may be changed on every single post.
  • to do: translate the newly added strings to german and french; amend potential bugs
    / v1.0
  • customization of options to
  • show/hide toggle switch
  • select image for toggle switch
  • localization for option page (en, de_DE, fr)
  • code cleanup
    / v0.9
  • amended the Javascript to not enforce coComment login
    / v0.6
  • initial implementation
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