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coComment Enhancer WordPress plugin v1.2b

Shay and Andy pointed me to the new ‚track all‘ feature of coComment, which allows tracking comments of non coComment users (or the ones who forgot to login). In an effort to keep my WordPress plugin up to date, I made a few changes to the plugin to support the new feature.

A beta version is now available, which supports these new features:

  • general options of the plugin allow to choose from disabling coComment, use the plugin’s own toggle button or use the new coComment ‚Enable‘ button and the new ‚track all‘ feature
  • you can set if a new post should by default support ‚track all‘ or not
  • the ‚track all‘ comments feature can be switched on or off on a per post basis

Still to do is the translation of the new strings (only for administration) to german and french.

Download the new version from the coComment Enhancer page. Feel free to give it a try and please let me know about bugs you may encounter.