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wp keitai mail – ftp modifications

The wp-keitai-mail extension for WordPress caught my attention, as it’s using an appealing approach to blog from mail, by using a mail forward instead of a pop polling.
Since I have my mail server running on a different server, I rely on the built in FTP functionality of the script written by dr dave. The first test though showed that this part is not yet working smoothly. So I spent a little time to debug and amend a few things – et voilà: here I give back.
Download the amended version and see if it works for you, if you have a similar setup.

Aside of the tweaking in the FTP part I added two other things:

  1. added a param for a default topic: instead of using ‚Keitai Post‘ for posting without title you can set a default post title per account
  2. modified the thumbnail sizing algorithm: now width and height are checked if they exceed the max dimension chosen (before only the width was checked)